Fresh flowers are a natural and seasonal product. Certain varieties have limited seasons and can be effected by severe weather and/or an irregular growing season. While we do have access to growers and farms around the globe the pricing on product is always higher when not found domestically. Also choosing flowers that are not in season can lead to inferior product and increased cost.


All product is ordered by special request. Since we are not a traditional shop we do not have aging inventory sitting around waiting for a client. Since I am not a grower I do rely on vendors. While they are usually reliable we do reserve the right to substitute blooms in the event that flowers shipped to us are not of the quality suitable for your design. In this event, the integrity of the proposed design, style, and color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used. You will be notified of any adjustments.


You are my muse. I want to please my clients and help them fulfill their vision. Each design is unique and no two are ever the same – unless you request matching pieces for balance and symmetry. We are a concept design center. We design with your style in mind and use requested elements to communicate your style and personality.


Our pricing structure allows us to create unique and affordable pieces that will stand out. We design with your budget in mind. We start with your budget, list out your priorities, select your favorite floral blooms, talk about colors and textures, then prepare an estimate using all those elements. I do offer choices within your parameters to keep things flexible and stay in line with the overall look.


For large events we require a $200 deposit to hold your date. This allows us to start working on the details. This amount will be applied to your estimate. 50% of the remainder is due 60 days before event. The final payment is due 30 days before the big day.

For small events (under $500) if you are unable to pay the full amount on the day of consultation we require 75% payment and final payment upon completion.

We currently do not accept payment by credit card. We accept cash, checks, money orders, or payments through paypal.